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I just found out that an engagement ring is not the same ring you be wed someone with. How did I not know this. No, seriously how? The search for the perfect ring just became that much harder. I might be panicking a bit.


You might want to search for an engagement ring set. They come with one bigger ring you wear as the engagement ring and a smaller ring that stacks together with the engagement ring. You wear the engagement ring first and add the smaller wedding band to it on your wedding day to complete the set, so you can wear them both on the same finger and you don’t have to change your engagement ring.

What I think of feminist criticism:


We all need to chill on blaming things on feminism. If you just see some crazy rape-culture ranting bitches talking shit on youtube or here, you’re being a simple minded twat when you decide her radical views are “what feminists think”.

There are all kinds of feminists out there and until you have some data/evidence/survey to support the idea that the MAJORITY of them believe in bat-shit crazy stuff like ‘False rape accusations virtually never happen’ then STFU and stop calling these feminist ideas. Call them the ideas of lunatics on the internet. I know plenty of people who use the label feminist and are amazing, thoughtful and intelligent people. They don’t agree with the stupid shit you say feminists think. Stop insulting my friends by shoehorning them into the views of lunatics you have encountered on the internet.

Atheists eat babies. See I can do it too.

We really do eat babies though. Especially radical feminist babies.

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