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When people get pissed over receiving crap over Wonder Trade.




Yes, it’s not fun getting uncool-things over WT, but getting fucking shit-pissed off about it and ranting angrily about it doesn’t help. People on the internet try their hardest to make Wonder-Trade a better place, we all are in a way, and I think that’s beautiful. Ranting about it is as silly as buying a lottery ticket and complaining when you don’t win. 

Wonder-Trade is not about GETTING SOMETHING AWZUM. It’s about making someone else’s day. Of course I am bummed when I get another Luvdisc, but heck, they got a 5IV - HA - Growlithe, I’m sure they got happy (: 

Reaons why WT never will be fair:

  • 7 yearols and UP (and even younger) are playing Pokemon, do you think they care that you bred a 6IV Shiny and thew it on WT? Yes, you made their day, but they don’t care what they traded you, it was their win. 
  • Wonderlocke-challenges and other kinds of these.
  • PERSONAL OPINIONS ABOUT POKEMON (this includes me being happy whenever I get a Scatterbug while you would cry and pull your hair). 
  • People who simply just do not care. 

Wonder Trade will never be perfect, and if you can’t handle getting a Froakie, Eevee or a Charmander, I simply ask you to stop Wonder Trading, because getting fired up about it is not healthy and the amount of Froakies and Eevees might actually kill you. 

Have a nice day. 


I made these three tiny PS1-themed zines to give away during GX2 in mid-July. I sold them online shortly after for $1 a 3-pack, and then sold out of them completely at San Francisco Zine Fest last weekend, so now I’m putting them online, here you go.

These are single-sheet zines, quick and painless, drawn in like two days, and Rookie has a good single-sheet zine tutorial if you want to give it a shot.

Thanks everyone who said kind words about them at GX2, thanks everyone who bought a copy, thanks Brian Crecente for writing about them on Polygon, thanks thanks thanks.

Did you know GX is returning next year? The GX3 kickstarter has a little over a week left to go, support them!

Finally, this is my 100th post on this tumblr. Thank you for following me.

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friendly reminder!!!



friendly reminder that using the cat emojis is BLATANT AND SHAMELESS CULTURAL APPROPRIATION unless you identify as catkin/kittenkin!!! :) there’s a reason there are regular human emojis for the REST of you to use!!! :) the cat emojis were not released until long after the human ones were, please CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE!!! :) please be sensitive when choosing your emojis thank you very much!!! uwu :)))

What the fuck

Can I still use the pile of poop emoji or do I have to identify as poopkin?


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